How to get started with UGC | What is User Generated Content 2022

How to get started with UGC | What is User Generated Content 2022

What is UGC?

Basically, it looks like any other video except for the fact that the creator, in this case, myself, sent it directly to the brand.

However, it's not exactly a brand deal.

Brand Deal vs. UGC (User Generated Content)

The difference is that a brand deal gets posted on the creator's account where you're leveraging that person's audience that they've already built, and on the other hand, it's not a testimonial well because you're getting paid to do this video which means it's very easy to monetize as a ugc content creator.

My experience as a UGC Content Creator

That's why this topic is so hot right now, but it will only grow from here. Over the past two years, I probably filmed more than 220 ugc videos for brands.

I want you to keep in mind that this is a big topic and we have a lot to cover:

  • pricing
  • how to contact these brands
  • invoicing
  • contracts

And trust me, I have a lot to go into detail in every subject, from what I've learned, to what worked for me, and what hasn't.

Watch the entire UGC Series where I go deep into every subject here!

Who can be a UGC Creator?

The reality is anyone can do it. I mean no matter the age, no matter the gender, no matter what you like, where you live...I mean even my mom has created ugc videos, and so has my boyfriend Gabe! 😂

What you need to start creating User Generated Content

Overall, the only requirement is being comfortable in front of a camera. As someone who works with content and creates content every week (subscribe on YouTube so you never miss out) I can tell you this is totally learned.

No one is born an expert, so if you're reading right now and you don't feel that confident on camera, trust me you can still do it. You're going to get better and better with time, plus get paid on the way!

The reason why anyone can be a UGC content creator is because there are an infinite amount of brands, and every brand NEEDS content. So if you're into hiking, well, you can work with a hiking brand!

If you're into sports, there are tons of brands around sports. For example, I like working with brands in the wellness space and also travel brands since those are two industries I love and know a lot about.

If you have a desire to be creating content for brands well this is perfect for you, and if that's you, go ahead and comment "UGC CREATOR" below and leave me some questions so I can answer them!

What equipment do I need to create UGC videos?

Besides your phone and maybe a tripod (I personally don't use one), the only thing that you do need to make sure is that this content is high quality!

If you don't know how to set up your phone for the highest quality video, check out this video where I walk you through step-by-step what your phone camera settings should be to ensure you are recording at the highest quality.

Is UGC a good business?

This is also a huge trend that is only projected to grow, so there will be a need for more and more ugc creators!


  1. What brands were used to posting on social media, is just not cutting it anymore - no more flyers or stock photos.
  2. Brands quickly realized that real faces get other people to buy, meaning they need more and more content from real people!
  3. Video is growing and growing, and brands are always going to need videos! Basically, if a brand is actively selling, they're going to be looking for content actively, and that's where you come in!

If you're ready to get started with UGC, make sure to grab the FREE UGC Toolkit here!

Also, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel! I post a new video every week, and it's the perfect place for creators & entrepreneurs! See you there!

- Laura Gomez

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